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This motorised wheelchair is used and in good condition. It has been generously donated to us and is located in Sydney. Criteria: For a person with a spinal cord injury who cannot otherwise afford an electric wheelchair. For enquiries please contact Read more

Grants of up to $150,000 per year (for three years) will be considered.
Applications close on 15 October 2017.
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NeuroMoves ACT will open on 1 November 2017 offering a range of services that provides people with spinal cord injury exercise that increases their functionality and independence.  Read more
An estimated 10,000 Australians live with a spinal cord injury - but data on their treatment and rehabilitation is scant. Read more

University of NSW Medical Orchestra's Winter Charity Concert Read more

The Spinal Network Expert Meeting held in Darwin on 7 April 2017 was an initiative of the Spinal Network and partly funded by the Northern Territory Motor Accidents Compensation Commission and Keep Moving. Participants included clinicians from the spinal unit in Adelaide, representatives from the Department of Health in NT, politicians, community groups, paramedics and emergency, and remote medicine specialists. Read more