2014 NTRI Forum Overview: Brain and spinal cord injury

Monday, August 18, 2014

The National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI) in Melbourne has released an overview that highlights three key forums on brain and spinal cord injury, conducted in January to July 2014.

The NTRI Forum Overview provides a summary of three completed forums on brain injury rehabilitation, pressure injuries after spinal cord injury and bowel and bladder function after spinal cord injury.

The first forum on ‘outcomes of acquired brain injury rehabilitation’ highlighted the importance of identifying key outcome measures for acquired brain injury rehabilitation and proposed a minimum dataset for rehabilitation could help solve problems with understanding patients injuries moving through the healthcare systems.

The second recognised that a ‘one-fit approach’ would not work for people with spinal cord injury trying to manage or prevent pressure injuries and stressed the need for a better model to be developed.

The third forum acknowledged that over the last 20 years not much has changed in treating bowel and bladder dysfunction in people with spinal cord injury and that ‘innovative thinking’ would be required for research to significantly impact the quality of life for people with spinal cord injury.

The NTRI has provided the January to July 2014 Forum Overview. Each Overview contains an executive summary, a link to the Briefing Document and Dialogue Summary for each completed Forum.

Please download the NRTI Forum Overview here.

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