'Dance for a Difference' at Enmore Theatre Sydney 11 Feb at 2pm

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
'Dance for a Difference' is an amazing story of pole and aerial artist raising funds for Spinal Research. For bookings click here

When pole dancer and aerial artist Jason Lam’s equipment failed, he fell badly, injuring his spinal cord. Now living his life in a wheelchair, Jason has inspired the aerial and dance community with his unwavering positivity, referring to himself as a power-plegic instead of a paraplegic. The dance world was shaken by his injuries, as so many of the “death-defying tricks” performed by these elite athletes are incredibly dangerous.

Inspired by Jason’s story, Chilli Rox and Dallas Dee, pole dance instructors with over 20 years teaching and performing experience between them,decided to create an event that would showcase Australia’s best pole dancers and raise money for SpinalCure Australia.

“I remember having a particularly bad day and I saw a Facebook post from Jason saying that he had spilt coffee on himself”, Chilli recalls. “He then went on to say how excited he was that he had managed to get himself changed and back in his wheelchair all by himself. It really put things into perspective for me. Here was someone dealing with an extreme change to his life and I was being dramatic over nothing”.

“I had wanted to do a charity event within the pole and aerial community for years” Dallas said. “It is such a supportive and close knit bunch of people. I knew we would be able to come together and support a worthy cause. And this is just that”.

“I wrote to Jason and asked what I could do to help. He said that people had been so generous to him that he didn't want to take any money and suggested I could do something to raise money for spinal injury research, and that’s how Dance for a Difference came about”, Chilli added.

Chilli Rox together with Dallas Dee and her studio Showpony Pole & Burlesque will be presenting the event.

They have managed to secure the best dancers in the country, including current Miss Pole Dance Australia title-holder Amy Hazel, and past winners Miss Filly and Jedda J Jordan. 

Instructors and studio owners from all over the country have come together to support the event where audiences will be entertained by performances by the best of the best in the industry.

There will be raffles, sales, chances to interact with the stars of the show and many more surprises on the day.

“This is an event like no other and all proceeds will go to Spinal Cure Australia”, Chilli said.

“I really hope that people get behind us and come along to see some amazing performances”, Dallas added.

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