Marnie GracoThe Spinal Cord Injury Network is pleased to announce that Marnie Graco based at the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health has been awarded the Network’s inaugural PhD Scholarship. Marnie’s project “Towards better management of obstructive sleep apnoea in acute tetraplegia” aims to improve sleep, and therefore the quality of life of people with spinal cord injury. Up to 83% of people with acute tetraplegia have obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) which has been linked to; poor health, problems with memory, learning and concentration. Read more

December 3rd marked the ‘International Day of People with Disability’ for 2013. We were pleased to partner with photographer Sue Murray and Accessible Arts to pilot a new initiative called "MySCI / Imagine Me": a series of self-portrait photographic workshops to raise awareness and foster greater community understanding towards people living with spinal cord injury.  Read more

The Prime Minister, the Honorable Tony Abbott MP and the Minister for Health, the Honorable Peter Dutton MP announced the outcomes of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants and fellowships for funding, on October 23rd 2013. Read more

It is with great pleasure that the Spinal Cord Injury Network and the Melbourne Racing Club invite you to a Christmas Race Day on Wednesday 11th December at Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne. Read more

Immediate Cooling and Emergency Decompression (ICED) Update October 2013 Read more

The Spinal Cord Injury Network is pleased to announce Dr Gila Moalem-Taylor based at the School of Medicine, University of New South Wales, has been awarded the Network’s “Towards Translation Capacity Building Initiative” Grant. Funding of $320,000 will support Dr Moalem-Taylor’s new collaborative project “Modulation of gap junction channels for the treatment of spinal cord injury.” Read more

The Spinal Cord Injury Network is offering a PhD Scholarship as part of our Spinal Cord Injury Research Grants Program to support research and development in the field of spinal cord injury. The Program is designed to promote and extend excellence in research and skills development.  Read more

The Spinal Cord Injury Network is pleased to partner with AQA Victoria and Disability Sport and Recreation, to launch a new workshop series, this time on exercise and personal solutions to barriers to exercise > moreRead more

Sixty years after New Zealand Mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Everest, Catriona Williams, Neil Cudby and Rob Creagh became the first people with tetraplegia to hand cycle to Everest Base Camp. It was an incredibly difficult journey for everyone. Each day, a lesson in determination, overcoming a combination of psychological and physical challenges.  Read more

The Spinal Cord Injury Network has joined forces with New Zealand's CatWalk Trust for "THE BIG CYCLE" to raise $1 million for spinal cord injury research. The "BIG CYCLE" team includes three people with tetraplegia; CatWalk Founder Catriona Williams, Neil Cudby and Rob Creagh who are hand cycling the gruelling Tibetan Plateau. Read more