Participate in Research

As part of our remit to bring people together, Spinal Network is pleased to advertise research projects that have received ethics approval at NHMRC and HRC accredited institutions within Australia and New Zealand.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide and PQSA are seeking volunteers for a new national research project which aims to help people with a spinal cord injury to find work.

Please contact us if you experience back or neck pain, OR do not experience pain or injury, but would like to help. This research involves phone interviews, questionnaires and a two-hour testing session at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. *You will receive a gift of your choice to the value of $50 for attending the testing session.

Researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney, are seeking volunteer research participants to learn about the control of arm strength in people with incomplete cervical spinal cord injury.
Volunteers are needed who are aged 18 years or older with a cervical spinal cord injury, with at least some remaining upper limb motor function.

Volunteers are needed who are between 18-65 years of age, have an acquired spinal cord injury and are living in the community.

Parents, guardians, coaches of and children with disabilities and developmental challenges are invited to take part in a study to explore the benefits and barriers to participation in organised physical activity programs around Australia.
The information from this survey will be used to plan future research that aims to better support developmentally vulnerable children to participate in physical activities. > Brochure > Flyer

Researchers at Recover Injury Research Centre are interested in your experiences and perspectives of recovery following injury in a road traffic crash. Following a road traffic crash, some individuals might recover without complication, while others will experience more challenges. The Recover Injury Impact Study aims to understand why some people experience more challenges than others as they progress along their journey to recovery. *You will receive a $25 gift voucher every time you complete a survey.  The total value of the gift vouchers will be $150 if you complete all six surveys. > Brochure

The factors surrounding the use of FES technology in the home environment for sedentary populations in Australia: A semi-structured interview study involves a face-to-face interview and a survey. It is being conducted as part of Mr Matthew Taylor’s PhD project in biomedical engineering at the University of Sydney. E:

Researchers from the Victorian Spinal Cord Service at Austin Health and the Spinal Research Institute invite people with spinal cord injury to participate in a study that will test the safety and effectiveness of a new drug to facilitate emptying the bowel.

Researchers from Royal Rehab in Sydney invite people with spinal cord injury to talk about problems encountered with accessing help with bowel care. The purpose of the study is to explore the nature of problems people with spinal cord injury experience when accessing help.

The University of Melbourne in partnership with the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre are researching the effectiveness of physical sailing simulators on dry land to help people with disabilities start sailing on water. Ref: NCT01491789.