Participate in Research

As part of our remit to bring people together, Spinal Network is pleased to advertise research projects that have received ethics approval at NHMRC and HRC accredited institutions within Australia and New Zealand.

The University of Melbourne are currently looking for people to participate in their research who have limb function loss due to Amputation, Muscular Degeneration or Paralysis.

Do you have a spinal cord injury? Are you looking for work? Then this study is for you!

We need adults with a spinal cord injury to trial our free online resource, which is designed to help people find work. Participants who complete the study will be provided a $20 shopping voucher.‚Äč


Researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney, are seeking volunteer research participants to learn about the control of arm strength in people with incomplete cervical spinal cord injury.
Volunteers are needed who are aged 18 years or older with a cervical spinal cord injury, with at least some remaining upper limb motor function.

The factors surrounding the use of FES technology in the home environment for sedentary populations in Australia: A semi-structured interview study involves a face-to-face interview and a survey. It is being conducted as part of Mr Matthew Taylor’s PhD project in biomedical engineering at the University of Sydney. E:

Researchers from Royal Rehab in Sydney invite people with spinal cord injury to talk about problems encountered with accessing help with bowel care. The purpose of the study is to explore the nature of problems people with spinal cord injury experience when accessing help.

The University of Melbourne in partnership with the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre are researching the effectiveness of physical sailing simulators on dry land to help people with disabilities start sailing on water. NCT01491789.