2015 NSW Research Showcase

Please browse through the following images taken at our Spinal Cord Injury Network Research Showcase at the NSW Trade & Investment Centre, MLC Centre, Martin Place, in Sydney on 21 April, 2015.

The Network would like to thank more than 80 people who registered and everyone who braved the terrible weather conditions to make it to our Research Showcase. A special thank you to our guest speakers, and to the Hon. Jillian Skinner, MP for their attendance and support.

We also thank the Office for Health and Medical Research, NSW Ministry of Health for sponsoring the 2015 Spinal Cord Injury Network Research Showcase.

Guest speakers at the Showcase included:
  • Dr Tony Penna, Director of the NSW Office for Health and Medical Research
  • Dr Ralph Stanford from the Prince of Wales Hospital who spoke about enrolling the first patient into the Riluzole clinical trial for spinal cord injury in Australia.
  • Dr Peter Batchelor from Austin Health in Melbourne on how ICED (Immediate Cooling and Early Decompression) can save the spine.
  • Dr Lisa Sharwood from the University of Sydney explained how 'Access to Care' can work toward improving outcomes for people with spinal cord injury through early intervention and improved access to specialised care.
  • Dr Gila Moalem-Taylor from the University of New South Wales spoke about her study exploring the 'Modulation of gap junction channels for the treatment of spinal cord injury.'
  • Marnie Graco from the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at the Austin Hospital explained how her research project “Towards better management of obstructive sleep apnoea in acute tetraplegia” aims to improve sleep, and therefore the quality of life of people with spinal cord injury.

Feedback from the day:

“It’s fantastic that you have found a donor to support research into bladder and bowel function. Poor function has such an adverse impact on their quality of life.” Dr Tony Penna, Director of the NSW Office of Health and Medical Research.

“It was a great morning. I’m really interested in the possibility of financial support to do PhD research. I will keep my eye out for further information.” Louise Kelly, Clinical Nurse Consultant – spinal cord injury, Royal North Shore Hospital.

“It was amazing being in that room with so many amazing minds. It’s so important the work SCIN is doing on bringing these links together. I now understand what the organisation is all about.” Brett Symons, paraplegic supporter.

“I honestly think the work the Spinal Cord Injury Network is doing in providing a platform bridge between medical science and sufferers of SCI is priceless. The coming together of the research community to share their studies etc in a showcase environment to the public truly does show cutting edge hope for future SCI sufferers to regain quality of life. Thank you SCIN for a wonderful day, and thank you to the amazing presenters for sharing your studies. I highly recommend following and attending. These events SCIN are providing/facilitating you will leave knowing there are amazing minds working together to create equality and quality of life for people who have suffered serious life changing injuries. Simply amazing!” Brett Symons, paraplegic supporter.

“Thanks for organising a great morning.” Melissa Brown, Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation.

“The sessions went well; interesting; hope you were all pleased.” Joanna Knott, Founder and Chair of SpinalCure Australia.

“The day was excellent. I was particularly interested in the ICED project which is very similar to a thesis I did a long time ago.” Professor John Yeo AO, Patron, Spinal Injury Nurses Association and NeckSafe.

“We would be interested to learn more about the NAB health provider database.” Shirley Carpenter, Spinal Cord Injuries Australia.

“The Minister for Health is very interested in medical research and that’s why she is here.” Rebecca Williams, Senior Policy Adviser to the Hon. Jillian Skinner, MP.

“A great morning and very informative information on research in NSW! We are very pleased to be able to join you!” Melissa Brown, Perry Cross Research Foundation.

“It was a great morning. We should have more in other parts of the country” Duncan Wallace, SpinalCure.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to present at the showcase. I found the whole day really interesting” Marnie Graco, Institute for Breathing and Sleep.

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