Spinal Cord Injury Research Strategy Committee

Contains the Spinal Cord Injury Research Strategy Committee.

Research Showcase

Contains useful resources, tools and articles about spinal cord injury research.

About Clinical Trials

Explains exactly what a clinical trial is, why they are conducted, and more. It also contains a brief section for individuals looking to participate in a trial.

Clinical Trials Database

Includes current spinal cord injury clinical trials in Australia and abroad. It does not include spinal cord injury clinical trials that are terminated or completed. You can search for a spinal cord injury clinical trial using key words for the name of the lead investigator, organisation, or words used in the public title of the trial.

Clinical Resources

Access the following list for resources on spinal cord injury research.

Students Page

Are you a student thinking about a career in research? Are you interested in bringing hope to people suffering from a spinal cord injury? Would you like to learn more about exciting new research aimed at reducing, or even reversing, the effect of a spinal cord injury?


Contains a list of definitions for vocabulary and terms used in the field of spinal cord injury.

Useful Links

Contains a number of links on various organisations and topics related to spinal cord injury.