Wheelchair to Car Transfer Block: A Shoulder-less Effort


Warren Gribble tackles the wheelchair to car divide successfully, creating a “transfer block.”

When Warren Gribble’s shoulders gave up he dreaded an end to independence. The inability to use his shoulders forced him to retire earlier than he expected. As a person with quadriplegia, Warren feared loosing shoulder strength signaled the end of driving his car and loss of freedom.

“That ‘lift and swing’ in my life up and swung,” says Warren.

“I decided to create and design a prototype for what I call a “transfer block” rather than use a slide board to get into my car. 

“It doesn't block your transfer, it simply places a soft block of dense foam between wheelchair and car." 

The block locks over the gunnel below the car door opening. It acts as a gap filler, fitting immovably between wheelchair and car. After transfer and once seated, the block is simply lifted out of place.

Warren says, there are many benefits to the “transfer block” compared to a slide board. Once in place, the block is fixed against the driver's seat and rests on the car frame held by the wheelchair. The “transfer block” is no more expensive to have custom made, than a slide board. It is also covered in quality vinyl, soft enough not to compromise the skin during transfer.

Warren says he has been accessing his car in a positive and secure manner for some time thanks to the “transfer block.”

“I want to drive my car, it’s the best illustration of independence I can personally think of,” he says.

“As a quad who is mostly in a wheelchair, the opportunity to compete in some normal way on that level playing field of disabled life, is on the road.”

For more information email gribble@froggy.com.au or download the following courtesy of Warren Gribble > more.

Photograph: Transfer block fixed into car door. Courtesy of Warren Gribble.


Photograph: Transfer block (vinyl uncovered) with visible cuts outs. Courtesy of Warren Gribble.

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