Our Approach

Our Vision

Communicate, Collaborate, Connect.

Our Mission

We will unite the spinal cord injury community to optimise the quality of life and maximise recovery for those with spinal cord injury.

Our Values

    Integrity: We will work openly and transparently with the spinal cord injury community
    Respect: We will respect and embrace each other in the spinal cord injury community
    Diversity: We embrace and encourage a mixture of views, approaches and services within the spinal cord injury community.
    Equality: We treat all members of the spinal cord injury community the same
    Honesty: We are honest in all our dealings
    Excellence: We pursue excellence in our relationships and practices

    Our Risk Appetite

    We will manage our funds with caution and support projects whose business plan or scientific potential have been carefully considered.

Our Strategy

  • Support the establishment of the SpinalCARE Registry
  • Provide basic research translation and clinical trials
  • Provide travel grants to spinal cord injury researchers in memory of Rosalind Nicholson
  • Fund PhD students’ research in the field
  • Work to secure future funding for PhD scholarships and the ongoing work of the Spinal Cord Injury Network.