QUT Alan Mackay-Sim Spinal Cord Injury Travelling Fellowship 2019

Monday, November 27, 2017

QUT is pleased to announce a Spinal Cord Injury Travelling Fellowship named in honour of 2017 Australian of the Year Alan Mackay‐Sim who received his award in recognition of his work on olfactory ensheathing cells from nasal mucosa for treatment of spinal cord injuries. The fellowship is for up to $30,000 for overseas travel from 4 weeks to 6 months. For poster details please click >here 

OBJECTIVE ‐ To achieve improved outcomes and quality of life for people with a spinal cord injury.
SCOPE ‐ The Fellowship is available for overseas travel that is likely to improve clinical management, rehabilitation or social support for people with a spinal cord injury. Support for travel to benefit basic research on biological mechanisms, novel treatment strategies (e.g. clinical drug trials), etc. is specifically excluded.


Applicants are encouraged to read the Full Guidelines carefully. Guidelines will be available after 31 July 2018
Fellowships are offered to Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents over the age of 18 from any Australian State or Territory. No specific qualifications are required.

Applications open: 31 July 2018

Applications close: 30 September 2018

For further information please contact t: +61 7 3138 3009

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